all engines go.


this is what i like best about rising at 5ish** ayem: the day looks positively roomy from this angle.

my to-do list goes from here to next door, but in the first hours of the morning it’s so possible. gut four rooms for our moving sale? tame the landscaping? finish emails and exercise and order luggage and call people back and plan birthday parties and talk to the guy at the bank about whether or not we can close accounts long-distance? i’ve got a solid eighteen hours, baby. bring it on.

except eighteen whittles down to twelve to two, and we have to try again tomorrow.


but back up for just a second. people.

you all are tremendous.

and this God of ours, He clean sweeps me off my aching feet. support came in right on time, and we’re officially cleared to leave for kenya.

thank you.

for the calls, the sacrificial giving, the emails, the hard-core praying, the words of encouragement at a time that rescues my heart again. about a week from our clearance deadline, God gave us a peace that was unanticipated and beautiful, and we’re still marveling. i hope we’re always marveling.

i’m so glad to have each one of you, and i nearly can’t believe it some days, y’know? we had a friend who walked us through this season of missions sharing, and every week we’d tell her: we had a great time; they’re such good people. you guys are an ocean of such good people.

and i’m excited for all of us, for the opportunities ahead. for how God lets us each have a hand in His work.


so we’re all-engines-go, and things are a wee bit hectic, but i don’t doubt for a second that God’s here too. next week’s our moving sale–hopefully starting on thursday–so if you’re local come get stuff. (please. it keeps staring me down and it HAS to vamoose.) june 30th is our commissioning and send off at the church. i shall be the girl with the u-haul of tissues.

we leave town july 9th. fly out of atl july 11th. and from there we’ll wake up in nairobi.


we’ll learn the ropes of life in africa, and navigate the internet situation, but we will find a way to be in touch. and please, could you do us a giant kindness? send us emails. let us know what’s happening with you, how we can pray, what’s big in your week. please let us still be a part of your lives, even if it’s not as up-close as we’d wish for.

and please keep praying. we can work our little hearts out, but life and redemption begins and ends (or, well, goes on forever) with God. we need His leadership, His strength, His fire.

we love you guys. and we can’t wait.


**i am not intentionally getting up this early. it’s just that my brain is like, let’s do this, while my body is all, nooooooooo. we just got here! it’s warm and quiet and we don’t have to sort anything. five more minutes?

poor dude loses every time.

Author: nic

saved by grace.

7 thoughts

  1. That first photo is blowing me away.
    But that’s not the point.
    The point is, here you are again, making me cry my eyes out. Twice in as many days, Nic. See, I just don’t want to think about my life without you in it. (So I don’t, duh.) You were vital in getting us HERE. You were kind and gentle and used by God. And now, your faithfulness is showing me the goodness of God all over again.
    I will miss knowing you’re near, but I’ll be happier still to know you’re where you were always meant to be. And I won’t be sad, because you’re with me. In my life. In it forever.
    So thankful for that.
    (Now get busy!!)


  2. YIPPEEE!!!!! God goes before you, always has, always will. Hang on dear friend..blessed, called out family. You have a host of people with you and we will be holding up your arms and helping with each step as we pray and rejoice in this journey we are ALL on together! RVA, Kenya, East Africa and the OWENS’ TEAM are going to be a great mix for God’s glory!! Now go dive into the chaos which is the normal transition cycle in which you are swirling! Love you!


  3. I am so excited for you and your family!! I will miss you all but I know that you are following the Lord’s path for your life! I am so excited to read about all your adventures and I will be praying for you as you prepare to leave!


  4. I am an MK and went to boarding school and was well cared for by wonderful people like you! WHAT a blessing you will be!


  5. thinking of you today with the question “what day will you leave home?” and here’s your post. reading this is a big smile. thank you, Jesus, for your care and provision…and so much more. sweet love to you all!


  6. dear, nic! we’ve been praying and won’t quit.
    jesus, be near.

    praying for smooth travels today and can hardly wait to hear of god’s provision for your every need. because we know, he’s all about that.

    xo col. 1:9-12


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