like crazy.

last week we had the chance to share about africa with a small group of friends, and along the way we got to squeeze people we hadn’t seen for years, see their kiddos, hear stories of the grandkids. it did my heart good.

at the end of the evening, they clustered around us and prayed, these folks who love God and love people and love us. there’s something about that–being stitched in on every side with tender, unflinching prayer. it makes me cry even now. thank you, friends.

then we had a few precious hours with two of our besties from college, and let me just say: it is downright scary how rogueries i’d happily forgotten about somehow manage to resurface when i’m with people who KNOW me. i have no idea why they keep me, but i love those guys like crazy.

friday we jetted up to michigan for a visit with aunt kristin and uncle browning, replete with elbow tag, gourmet grilled cheese, remedial sand volleyball and some ruthless rounds of othello.


the rest of the weekend we spent back here, with all of todd’s family gathered in close.

we know so much good waits ahead, but we’ll miss out on doing life with friends and church family here, and there’s some loss in that. we’re coming to terms, but slowly.



i find that if i listen, God’s been calling me to Him a lot lately. i get tangled up in eleven thousand things that need to be done two weeks ago, but when i pause to take a breath He says: come be with Me for a bit. just step away and be with Me.

so i find some quiet floor space or walk outside under a sky of rushing leaves, and i think, don’t ever let me miss out on You. i’m a frail mess, skittering after all the second-best things. and even if i could catch them, it’s all dust and ashes without You.



friends, we’re looking at six weeks till departure. in two weeks, june 11th, we need to clear financially. we’re at eighty-some percent of our monthly commitments, which sweeps me over with gratitude to have so many of you who are excited to be a part of the work God is doing. and oh, is He doing.

there’s still room for many others to join in, and we’d love to have you with us.

thank you, dear ones. we can’t wait to see what God has in store.

my soul longs
for the day I’ll see Your face
when sin and death will pass
and tears are wiped away
so let the sky fall down
and earth and cities quake
and I’ll say of my God and King
Lord, blessed be Your name

Author: nic

saved by grace.

5 thoughts

  1. Oh Nic, you bring me to tears every. single. time. The power of your words is such a gift, but even more is the way in which you KNOW it is from Him, and use it to bless the world accordingly. You are tender, you are real, and you inspire. I feel so lucky that the circles of our lives have brushed against each other the way they have. My life is better for knowing you, even in this small way.


  2. so good hearing from your end. 6 weeks. wow. “i’m a frail mess, skittering after all the second-best things. and even if i could catch them, it’s all dust and ashes without You.” thank you, nic. and so thankful that He is finishing the good work He has started in me/you/His children. lots of love.


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