it belongs to You.

october was rich with conversations and travel and old friends: first a trip to northern indiana, where the mister and i did college and our early years of marriage. so many of our peeps live in this area, and oh how they wear this passion for Christ and people.

then a week and a half of me in hawaii, sleeping in my old room, navigating familiar streets. sharing my heart’s weight for the folks in africa, and meeting up with dear friends and family.

speaking of framly, this is my mum and dad and brothers (and me w/my signature damp hair):

i also had a brief but mighty good thirty hours on kauai, where i got to enjoy my aunty carol. and we talked and ate and laughed with some great folks whose stories made me blink a lot. they’ve served and are serving in contexts of raw need, and again and again we see how God shows up, and just how good He is.

[my late grandpa okasako’s shed. both of my grandpas were gifted farmers: handy, generous, steady. i miss those guys.]

then it was back home again, and diving in to the multiply movement. some of the best take-aways:
-the point isn’t to leave convicted. the rich young ruler heard and walked away sad. be zacchaeus instead, who hears and CHANGES on the spot.
-we’re given life so we can spend it proclaiming on the front lines of the nations: Jesus is Lord of all.
-Jesus begins and ends His ministry on earth with a call to make disciples–matthew 4.19, ‘come, follow me,’ Jesus said, ‘and i will make you fishers of men’–to matthew 28.19, ‘therefore go and make disciples of all nations.’
-God has this whole thing rigged. 🙂 making disciples causes us to grow and remain rooted & vibrant as well. in order to show someone how i study scripture, i have to be actively studying scripture. same with prayer.
-to be a disciple is to make disciples.

and last, this song. it’s lodged sticky in my chest, and slips along in the background of most days.

holy, You are still holy
even though i don’t understand Your ways
sovereign, You will be sovereign
even when my circumstances don’t change

Lord, i don’t deserve your tender patience
when my unbelief has kept me from Your truth
i want my life to be a sweet devotion
to You

and so i come into Your chamber
and i dance at Your feet, Lord
You are my Savior and i’m at Your mercy
all that has been in my life up till now
it belongs to You
i belong to You

You are still holy.

Author: nic

saved by grace.

9 thoughts

  1. dear nic, it is wonderful hearing from your end. it sounds like a full, meaningful, and sweet several weeks. beautiful pictures. great family shot. look forward to looking at the multiply movement link. after reading through the “take-aways” and those lyrics, i’ve never wanted to be like zacchaeus so much.=) i hear you about Him having this whole thing rigged. may we walk joyfully, lovingly, true in His upside down ways. love to you and yours.


  2. “the point isn’t to leave convicted. the rich young ruler heard and walked away sad. be zacchaeus instead, who hears and CHANGES on the spot” This is one of the best things I’ve read in a long time. Thanks for sharing your heart friend.


  3. “He has the whole thing rigged” Praise God for that!!!!! If discipleship didn’t grow me or was based on my own wisdom…yikes. Thanks for sharing your passion and what you’ve been learning! It’s so exciting 🙂


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