at ten.

a couple sundays back, this kiddo turned ten. after a full morning in church, we birthday-caked and sang to our boy and he and L ate mac and cheese al fresco, per his request.

those two are ever each other’s best company. it’s good for a mama’s heart to raise siblings twined so closely that when they bicker and battle the Worst Punishment Ever is to declare they’ve (temporarily) lost the privilege of playing together.

my favorite tidbits of M at age ten:
10. he hugs me bigger than anyone else on the planet
9. his little-ness next to his peers rarely seems to occur to him
8. despite rheumatic feverish/post-strep issues, he pretty much troops along with that easy smile
7. he owns the word responsible
6. how he trots ahead to open every door for the rest of us
5. all the evenings, fresh from showers, where he rounds up the natives and instigates family devotions
4. how he breathes and thinks with a ninety degree bent toward justice
3. he forgives with a lightness that quiets me
2. that one night at camp, when he climbed the bunk and prayed with a boy who was missing home
1. he walks a little more like Jesus all the time

happy it-was-your-birthday, dear M. i’m flat-out crazy about you.

Author: nic

saved by grace.

14 thoughts

    1. thank you, sweet amy. so much of this parenting gig feels like a blind effort–just loving our biggest and trying to point them to Jesus and praying His grace will wash the whole thing right. i’m glad we’re not going this alone.


  1. Your children are just so breathtakingly beautiful…on the outside AND on the inside where it counts the most. Store up those treasures, friend.


    1. oh, thank you kim. it is a wonder to watch them grow up, and such a grand thing to have front-row seats to God’s work in their lives.


    1. right back atcha. praying your day of moving goes swimmingly, and for all the months of settling and transitioning and acquainting ahead.


  2. nic, what a handsome family!! i mean, i am not just now noticing, but catching up here refreshed my mind. 🙂
    hooray for birthdays and celebrating together!
    praying the rest of your weekend is a joy.
    love. xo


    1. thank you, my lovely girl! we had a full and happy weekend. i am aiming stop by your place tonight for a heaping helping of hannah-y goodness.


  3. That picture of him sitting with his legs crossed looking at L is so cute. He looks like he’s 10 going on 45. I LOVE it. And I adore all those silly lovely personality shots you took of him. I seriously need you to fly to KC and shoot my kids before you hop across the ponds to Africa. 😦


    1. oh yes, that crossed-leg shot is my favorite capture. so him. 🙂

      and how do you feel about aeroplanes? because you could so totally visit me in kenya. i’d be over the moon with joy. think it over. 🙂


  4. Nicole, how precious. My heart is full of thanks for this son of yours. Thank you for sharing a glimpse of his character and the love that flows in your family! Love you and praying for you.



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