the beginning.

2010 kate joyce :: AIM

over the course of numerous weeks and months and years, God has been harrowing us through, cracking wide our hearts of dust to be open to His grace, to follow His lead.

we didn’t quite know He’d lead us to africa.

we’ve been there before, of course, two brief glimpses of the horn as we became a family to our youngest son, but now we’re heading back. this time to kenya. this time for good.

2009 kate joyce :: AIM

africa is vast, a mass of desert and coastline and jungle and bush. it walks on tiptoe the razor-thin line between beautiful and treacherous. it gets under your skin.

how many times have we heard that?

africa gets under your skin.

but here’s what i suspect: as much as this continent sings of raw beauty, as much as the spread of sky and markets and sand seep through your pores, it’s the people who steal your heart clean out from under you.

2009 mike saum :: AIM

2009 kate joyce :: AIM

unknown :: AIM

vibrant, resilient, precious people: they’re the real draw.

earlier this month, after a full week in peachtree city, the mister and i were appointed as missionaries by africa inland mission. we’ll serve our first term in kenya at rift valley academy, where we’ll educate and mentor and love on the kids of our missionary team, making it possible for our team to work across the continent.

our departure date is set for july of next year, and there are mountains to be moved in these next fifteen months. please pray with us. it all looks impossible from where i stand, so it’s a mighty good thing we worship a God who specializes in just that line of work.

He’s got this.

2008 ted rurup :: AIM

it still floors me most days that God would choose to use the likes of me to help build His kingdom. i’m nothing to write home about: not particularly gifted or wonderful or selfless. i’m prone to myopia. fissured and flawed.

but if He’ll have us, we’re so His for the taking.

Author: nic

saved by grace.

2 thoughts

  1. When God asks us to do something that seems impossible or even a little crazy I know that is when I am in His will. I think He enjoys showing us just how much power and ability He has if we
    will be obedient. I remember my friend sending me the scripture 1st Samuel 15:22: Does the Lord
    delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as much as obeying the Lord? To obey is better than
    sacrifice, and to heed is better than the fat of rams.” I know my experience was different because I went alone and you have kids. But I know you can do this. He is preparing the way. 911 happened
    a month before i left for Spain, a friend said well i guess you can’t go to Spain. I said well ok I will tell God I don’t think He is big enough to take care of me, well then they laughed and said i was right. Your in God’s hands just one step at time you will be landing before you know it. Love ya, Diana


  2. Nic, this is new information! I am somehow just now reading and seeing these plans and am so blessed by your heart – all imperfect and wanting to serve. Eager to add you and Team Owens to my prayer list. This vision is remarkable and -if only through prayer – I want to serve with you.

    All kinds of love,


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