mail! yay!

first of all, THANK YOU for even thinking about sending something our way. you’re blessing our socks clean off.

these guys are usually a-okay the whole way around. if it’s a normal, flat envelope, it shouldn’t cost much to send and will likely reach us in 2-3 weeks. (still, please don’t send anything valuable or top-secret. 🙂 those things have a way of wandering off.)

mailers and boxes to kenya can be expensive to send. we totally get it if you check postal prices, almost die of shock, and find yourself reluctant to mortgage the farm. TOTALLY get it.

if you’d still like to send us a package, here are a few tips that will help us receive it.

1. please send used items whenever possible. i think you’ll need to fill out the contents and value of your package on the mailing slip, and resale prices equal much lower customs fees on our end. take things out of wrappings, remove tags, wash items and use them a bit–whatever needs to happen for them to fall neatly into the used category. (unless it’s gum. that can be unused.)

2. please mail things in soft-sided mailers instead of boxes if at all possible. mailers are inspected about half the time. boxes are inspected always. when mail is inspected, we must pay a customs fee to receive it from the post office. (customs fees are, in theory, based on the value of the contents, and are usually $15 or so for a mailer, $20-45 for a box. if the contents are worth more than $100, we could pay at least half that to receive it.)

2b. when mailers/boxes are inspected, they’re often held up for a while. this could add 2-3 months before we see your package.

3. try to make the package uninteresting and therefore unlikely to be opened. 🙂 wrap loose items so they don’t rattle, take things out of boxes, etc. the more boring and flat the package, the less likely it’ll snag an inspection.

here are a few smallish items that are hard to find here:
minty gum
kool aid packets
reese’s cups or pieces
chocolate chips
ankle length athletic socks (black/grey are especially good at hiding dirt)

our mailing address:
todd and nicole owens
rift valley academy
po box 80
kijabe, kenya 00220

thank you, friends! you are awesome.